On Grid (Grid Tied) Solar Systems

What is a Grid-Tie system and how does it work ?

Grid-tie systems generate electricity, sending this energy back to your utility company's power grid. In effect, this means the utility company will be paying you to produce energy for them, since the energy you produce counts against the energy your home or business uses.

Your solar panels will produce DC (Direct Current) electricity. This electricity will be run through an inverter to produce AC (Alternating Current) electricity. This energy is then run into your AC power panel, which feeds energy back to your utility company’s power grid. If your solar power array produced enough electricity, your utility meter would begin to run backward!
  The main components of an Grid-Tie system are  
  Solar Panels  
You'll need solar panels to collect the solar energy and convert this to DC power. The number and type of solar panels will determine how much energy you can produce, as will your geographic location.
  Combiner Box  
This box gathers all of the Solar Panel connections.
  DC Breaker Box  
Your batteries will accept all electrical current running from the solar array, but overcharging can ruin them. Charge controllers ensure batteries don't receive current when they're charged to capacity, protecting your investment.
  DC Breaker Box  
Your array's breaker safely shuts down your solar power system at a moment's notice, allowing for safe maintenance, repair, and inspection.
  Inverters take Direct Current (DC) power and convert it to household (AC) power.  
  Grid Disconnect  
A grid disconnect allows you to stop the flow of electricity between your solar power system and your electrical system. This provides for the safe maintenance of electrical and utility systems.
CSPL Offerings :
Sr. no Solar Power Capacity Module type Grid Tied inverter with MPPT Grid connection Tariff MNRE Subsidy
1 1000 High efficiency Multi/Mono Crystalline OR Asi Modules String LT NA YES
2 1500 String LT NA YES
3 1800 String / Central LT NA YES
4 2200 String / Central LT / HT NA YES
5 2800 String / Central HT Applicable YES
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