The company plans to set up 2MW in 2010 and subsequently increase the capacity in 5MW phases. Targeted power generation through solar is 25MW in phases of 5MW until 2013.

To begin with Clover Solar is implementing a 2 MWp grid connected solar photovoltaic power plant at Village Supe, Taluka Baramati in Maharashtra. The SPV power plant will generate about 3 million units (kWh) for sale in the first year of operation. The project site is about 0.5 kms away from the 33 kV sub-station.

The solar PV power plant shall consist of a solar PV array of 2 MWp. generating DC power. The DC power is fed into a battery of Power Conditioning Units with approximate capacity of 2 MW to convert DC power to AC power at 3 Ph, 415 V, 50 Hz. The output of the PCUs are connected through proper isolation and circuit breaking arrangements to transformers with a total capacity of 2 MW to step up the 415 V, 3 Ph AC supply to 33 kV, 3 Ph AC supply. The electrical power at 33 kV level will be evacuated through appropriate transmission arrangements at the site district through the 33 kV grid to which it will be connected. The electronics provided in the PCUs will ensure adequate synchronization of the two sources of power supply namely the solar power and the grid power.

The project will generate more than 3 million kwh of power per year and will earn approximately 2800 CERS in form of benefits.


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