The electricity used to power mankind's daily activities is still primarily generated from fossil fuels. This kind of power generation pollutes the environment because of high CO² emission rates. Moreover, fossil fuels are finite - and once used, are gone forever. For this reason alone, alternative forms of renewable power generation provide a more intelligent solution towards powering human lives. Photovoltaic systems provide energy to meet society's needs without contributing to the greenhouse effect and are a genuine alternative to conventional energy generation.

Photovoltaic systems are considered to be the quintessential clean solution because they convert sunlight directly into electricity. Hence, Clover Solar plans to co-ordinate the land location, financing, installation, implementation and operation of renewable energy PV solar systems for prospective generators. Clover Solar's photovoltaic installations have the potential to be the first choice energy solutions because of their clean and nearly maintenance-free operation. As a comprehensive power solutions provider, Clover Solar would also partner with investors, energy project developers, and customers to design and implement innovative green energy solutions. Solutions to create a brighter, cleaner ecological future!

CSPL offers consultancy services in preparing feasibility studies, design & engineering services and preparation of detailed technical specifications for MW scale projects.
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